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iHireBanking tracks down banking jobs and enables employers to expedite the hiring process. This includes positions for customer service representatives, auditors, proof operators, analysts (ex: change, credit, financial, operations, policy, procedure, risk), controllers, bankers (ex: corporate, personal, small business), tellers, trust administrators, managers (ex: banking center, branch, savings and investments, regional, treasury), data entry operators, and loan officers/originators/processors/underwriters as well as specialists in bankruptcy, collections, foreclosure, electronic banking, chargeback, fraud, and loss.

Because some processes in this industry have been automated or made available online, select occupations will grow more slowly than others. For example, the employment outlook between 2014 and 2024 projects declines for tellers (8%) and credit workers (6%). On the other hand, the economy’s recovery will drive growth for some groups, such as a 6% increase in employment for financial managers, and an 11% rise for auditors. States with high concentrations of banking opportunities include Delaware, New York, Connecticut, and South Dakota.

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