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Currently employed? Increase your knowledge base and excel in your present position with these informative articles covering a wide range of topics ranging from industry news to office politics and more!


In this episode of Find Your Niche, Lori Cole speaks with iHire’s Phil Dahlheimer, whose internship program is...


Find Your Niche host Lori Cole talks about motivating factors at work with Juan Betancourt, Humantelligence CEO.


Do you want to get noticed at work, but you’re unsure how to go about it? Learn how to humblebrag to your manager to...


Are you wondering what skills to learn to make money and grow your career? Here are several free and low-cost...


Are you preparing for an upcoming performance review? Here are six performance review tips for employees to ensure...


Will a master’s degree really help your career? We break down the pros and cons of getting an advanced degree.


If your employer places you on a performance improvement plan, don’t panic! Learn how to take action and get back on...


Learn why and how online courses can help you get ahead in your career or embark on entrepreneurship.


Starting a remote job and new to working from home? Prep for success with these six tips.


Yes, gig workers need to file taxes! Check out this advice to learn how to report gig work on your taxes.


Can you handle a side hustle or part-time role while working full-time? Read this advice before trying this juggling...


Learn how to sail through the virtual onboarding process with this advice for new hires.


Having multiple part-time jobs is a challenging yet rewarding way to reach your career goals. Read our advice for...


If you love where you work and want to get promoted from part-time to full-time, check out these tips for turning a...


The morning commute – it’s time-consuming, unenjoyable, and an inevitability for most of the workforce. Learn how to...


Answer these 8 questions to find out if you're ready to hold a leadership position or managerial role.


Every workplace celebrates Halloween a little differently (if at all), so choosing the right costume can be...


Learn why the four little words, “other duties as assigned,” can mean big opportunities for entry-level job seekers...


Going back to reality after vacation can be tough. Read these tips to beat the end-of-summer blues and go back to...


Summer distractions make staying focused at work difficult. See how weather affects productivity and learn some tips...


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